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I ship myself with academic success and contentment

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"They had so many different shields in this film. We had the heavy shields for the shots where I need to block myself, or it’s gonna be a close-up—it’s this nice, shiny, metallic. We have [the] rubber shield when I’m actually knocking someone out with it and I actually gotta hit somebody. We’ve had a couple of shields that are magnetic for when I gotta slip it on my back. And then we’ll use no shield at all every now and then. Every now and then, we’ll have to do a shot where I have to throw it and they’ll just CGI it.

- Chris Evans, Outfitting A Hero

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- Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue; September 15, 2014

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Breaking The Male Code: After Steubenville, A Call To Action

 (Left to Right): Peter Buffett, Jimmie Briggs, Joe Ehrmann, Tony Porter,
 Dave Zirin and Moderator Eve Ensler.


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it infuriates me when people tell me “lifes too short to not forgive people!” like NO lifes too short for me to continually allow abusive and manipulative behavior in my life and live in a constant state of anxiety bc I want to be “nice” or whatever

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"I was thirteen," I said again, although of course I was only thinking "crush crush crush crush crush".

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He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important

Wow….perfect. The old paint…..

I haven’t seen this guys stuff for months but this still hits me as hard as ever

Always repost! I love this so much!!!


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Mean Serenity

On Wednesdays, we wear brown.

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Swear to god, some guys are terrified that girls are faking common interests to impress them and act really hostile towards anyone they even SUSPECT of doing such a thing

but then they turn around and fake a whole friendship in the hopes of getting sex out of girls, and get mad at them when it doesn’t work

and they super do not see the irony in that

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Anonymous said: whats the craziest thing youve ever done?



omg okay so one time (i think it was sophomore year) i was sitting in class and my teacher, out of no where, says “i can see your bra strap through your shirt hanna” and i looked down and you literally couldn’t see it unless you were blatantly staring at my chest so i said, “well i can’t” and he says “you need to go change your shirt” and i said i didnt have another shirt so hes like then go home and i had a burning hatred for this teacher i still do because it was like he went out of his way everyday to piss me off so i stood up and took off my bra under my shirt, dropped it on the floor next to my desk and sat down.

i was suspended for a week. 

this is the most amazing thing I have ever read. I swear to god this gives me life.

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I stood naked over him and took a picture

Why do I love everything about this

this is so cute




I stood naked over him and took a picture

Why do I love everything about this

this is so cute

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